An incredible side benefit of being in the ocean all the time is the beaches that I get to see. The pictures above show you why I love my job. These are some of the beaches that I have gotten to experience. Typically, we set up camp in a local community and go over our […]

Deep Diving

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Let’s dive in!!! Deep diving is what I truly love. Coral reefs and incredible, and swimming with dolphins is a must do for everyone, but diving deep into the ocean is what wakes me up early in the morning. The deeper you get the more my heart rate gets going. I have been so blessed to be a part of so many incredible scuba diving trips.

Swimming with Dolphins

When people think about crazy ocean swimming experiences typically two things come to mind:

  1. Swimming with Sharks
  2. Swimming with Dolphins

One gives us warm fuzzies while the other one brings shivers down our spine. Today we cover what to expect when swimming with dolphins. This can be an amazing experience but like all adventures into the ocean we need to begin with respect and honor for he creates and for the ocean. Typically swimming with dolphins will take place inside a giant pool where the dolphins area trained. In some rare instances people can swim with dolphins that are still out in the deep ocean, but that is less predictable and even more caution needs to be demonstrated.