Coral Reef’s

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One of my favorite places to go diving is coral reefs. The amount of life and colors that a coral reef will bring you is spectacular. These pictures are from some of our different trips but they highlights the experiences in coral reefs.

Sometimes you can almost snorkel on a coral reef and you don’t even need scuba gear. You can almost free dive and even enjoy much of the experience from the surface. Public safety announcement, we are not big fans of the full face mask snorkels. They seem to be dangerous if not used properly.

If you are a novice in the Ocean, then look don’t touch. Many things in the ocean are not what they appear. Creatures in the ocean all have their own self defense mechanisms. No one reason t ruin a great day out on the water by getting hurt or by hurting another animal. Coral can be sharp, soft looking animals can be poisonous, and a fun day in the sun can quickly turn into a nightmare. So enjoy the view but keep your distance.