Deep Diving

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Let’s dive in!!! Deep diving is what I truly love. Coral reefs and incredible, and swimming with dolphins is a must do for everyone, but diving deep into the ocean is what wakes me up early in the morning. The deeper you get the more my heart rate gets going. I have been so blessed to be a part of so many incredible scuba diving trips.

I have had the privilege of finding submerged boats from generations past. One of my favorite trips was doing a deep sea diving training with the navy seals. There was a sunk submarine that they wanted to recon and we were brought in to provide additional support on the actual dive.

My initial training was not military based so I loved the opportunity to learn from them there diving tips. But set all the training aside, what was truly spectacular was the actual expedition.

Another one of my favorite dives was when we went swimming looking for a great white shark and actually found one. That day may have been the smallest i have ever felt in the ocean. The sheer size of the shark was incredible. The grace and the power that the shark moved with was both inspiring and terrifying. Maybe it was too many episodes of jaws, but I felt like at any moment the shark was going to snap and go on a killing spree where we were the appetizer.

The trip was such an incredible experience because it was a reminder that sharks kill in order to eat. They rarely kill for sport. In fact man kind is one of the only animals on earth that kill for fun. Thea reality is man has killed far more sharks than the other way around. With that said, my fear and your fear are appropriate. The ocean is their domain. We can observe and appreciate but we should always remember our place in the ocean.

I know we are going deep when we need to take the lights. At a certain point the natural light no longer works and we need lights in order to continue seeing. When we do these types of trips we are either looking for new species or we are observing the preservation of key reefs and ocean life. Unfortunately humans create a ton of trash and much of this debris finds it way into the ocean and has a negative impact of sea life.

When we dive deep down we are looking at what impact we are having and learning what we can do to better care for ocean life.