Scuba Training

If you want to go scuba diving you have to first get your certification. Just like most areas of life law suits unfortunately are as common as common sense. Now that we live in a culture where people are faster to cast blame than they are to take responsibility we have a license and a course for everything.

Now I think scuba training is smart and the best way to go. Regardless we have a team of trainers and an onsite pool do to the most basic training. After that we can jump in the water together and continue your training to becoming a fully licensed and more importantly safe scuba diver.

In order to participate we ask that you are at least 13 years old. Your training will consist of the following areas:

In class room teaching:

We will cover (3 50) minute sessions:

  1. Your DivingGear and what it is for.
  2. Your Safety and Others Safety
  3. International Scuba Diving Laws (yes there is such a thing, crazy right.)

Then we jump into a pool with the gear on and continue what we learned in the classroom but actually in water. This is the first time you will experience the weight of the gear and what it is like to breathe under water.

Our pool is unique in that we start out in a 5 foot portion of the pool and then we work our way to where our pool is 20 feet deep. At 20 feet you will start to experience increased pressure and lose the comfort of simply being able to stand up and being out of the water. After these steps you will take a written test to see if you pass and earn your scuba diving certificate. This basic certificate will equip you to dive with us on expectations as deep as 40 feet.