Swimming with Dolphins

When people think about crazy ocean swimming experiences typically two things come to mind:

  1. Swimming with Sharks
  2. Swimming with Dolphins

One gives us warm fuzzies while the other one brings shivers down our spine. Today we cover what to expect when swimming with dolphins. This can be an amazing experience but like all adventures into the ocean we need to begin with respect and honor for he creates and for the ocean. Typically swimming with dolphins will take place inside a giant pool where the dolphins area trained. In some rare instances people can swim with dolphins that are still out in the deep ocean, but that is less predictable and even more caution needs to be demonstrated.

Remember at all the times the safety of the people and the safety of the dolphins should be a priority over fun. When everyone is safe the fun can be had. Check out this video about swimming with dolphins for more information.

Typically the swimming with dolphins experience starts with hand shakes and splashes. This allows both the participants and the dolphins to get used to each other. Petting can follow and in some cases even kisses. After that feeding the dolphins snacks gives them the energy they need to put on a jumping show and brings smiles and laughter to everyone involved.

Of course the grand finally of the swimming with dolphins experience is to actually hold onto the dolphins and swim around the giant pool with them. Sometimes this can even be with the dolphins pushing you from behind as you rise out of the water.

Remember dolphins are incredible animals that should be protected, cared for, and respected. They are wild animals are should be treated as such.